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OWQLO has created a digital system to manage the administrative, structural and organizational demands of sports management. 

The system is personalized to fit the exact needs and structure of each club or academy. Our personalized platform consists of three parts:


  1. A CMS that allows to create and manage the structure of the club or academy.

  2. A mobile app that removes intermediaries, allowing communication, payments, events, statistics, evaluations, trips, and so on, to be done in the same place. 

  3. An integrated payment platform that allows users and sports entities to manage payments and revenue.

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Meet the service platform made up of management tools for leagues and tournaments. This system is specifically designed to ease the management process of competitions and to engage users by delivering real-time statistics, game results and updates.

The organizational tool consists of two parts:

  1. A CMS that allows one to create and manage the structure of the competition from the desktop.  

  2. A mobile application that allows the users to view and engage with all aspects of a sporting experience.


OWQLO's Virtual Sports Solution is a 360 multi-device and mobile-first platform that empowers every role in the common pursuit of a sports educational experience. 

Within this system there is a secure community for sports fans, players, parents, families, coaches and team managers to get involved and engaged.

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