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Innovation that changes lives

Everything you need in grassroots sports activities in one same place, from competition management to academy management, with maximum profit generation along the way.

OWQLO is...

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For organizations

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For coaches

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For parents

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For players

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For fans


Top companies trust us to digitalize their sports organizations

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Our value

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We place the highest value on creating a secure environment for our users, where users personal data is respected. 

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We deliver the best online sport experience in the market while creating and engaging a community where everyone can play a part.

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We are innovative and believe in a 360 approach, committing to transforming the world through sports.

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Social impact

We understand the bigger impact sports have on the world and we understand the role we play in it.

Competencia femenina

We're transforming users into a community, creating valuable assets


We are committed to transforming the world through sports, where education, teamwork, friendship, and family all play a key role.


To create a seamless and immersive sports experience, where the boundaries between online and offline fade away.


What people say about us

It is very intuitive and easy to use, it facilitates both the refereeing and the monitoring of the matches by the parents.

An OWQLO referee



The comeback of the Jr. NBA Leagues is here

Good things only take a little longer: After the break due to the pandemic, the Jr. NBA leagues are back stronger than ever and with a wide international presence.

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